It's almost race time! This communication will help get you ready...
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Ready for the first race in the Unbridled AR Series? As promised, get ready for a wide open, free-for-all, choose your own adventure kind of day. 

Thanks for Committing to Adventure and we'll see you soon...
This Series is being presented by the KSPF. If you haven't checked out what they're doing to help all of our KY State Parks, please do. 

FREE Navigation Clinic: 6:00 pm - Amphitheater - Location Link
This clinic is being taught by the 361° Chickpoints team.


Start/Finish - Jesse Stuart Lodge - Location Link
Transition Area (TA) - Boat/Bike Staging - Marina Picnic Area - Location Link

Bike/Boat Gear Staging: 8:00 am – 9:30 am (see below)
Race Check-In: 8:00 am – 9:00 am (maps distributed at check-in)
PreRace Meeting: 9:30 am
Race Start —  10:00 am
Race Cutoff — 4:00 pm
After Party — 4:00 pm

There is one Transition Area (TA) for this race where you will stage your gear prior to the race start. Boat/Bike Staging - Marina Picnic Area - Location Link 

BIKES: You may leave anything you'd like with your bikes, however, you must take everything with you when you leave on your bikes during the race.  

Our General Disclaimer: There's several points along the course where you may find it advantageous to drop your bike and proceed on foot. While we had no worries about our bikes getting stolen while setting the course - we also don't own $4,000 carbon mtbs. So, carry a bike-lock if you have concerns.


If you're using YOUR OWN Boat/PFDs/Paddles/Seats: Stage them here. No other gear may be left with your boats other than paddles, PFDs, and center-seats. We recommend you group and secure your team’s paddle gear together.

If you're using RENTALS: It will be ready for you when you arrive at the TA during the race. The canoes do not have a center seat. Note that if you decide to use the provided paddles you must use the type provided with your boat (single-blade for canoes or double-blade for kayak).

WATER: No official aid-stations are part of this course, however, you'll have access to public water sources throughout the race, including the TA at the Marina and throughout the Park.

Each team/solo will receive one pre-plotted 1:24,000 scale map (letter-sized), a supplemental Park Map, along with race instructions. Everything will be printed on waterproof paper. 
A breakfast-wagon will be set up with items to purchase (breakfast biscuits, oatmeal, granola, fruit, drinks, etc.) starting at 8:00am the morning of the race.
Everything you need to know is probably in this communication or at If you still have questions, feel free to email us.
Thanks again for Committing to Adventure, and we'll see you at the race!
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