It's almost time to Breakdown! This communication will help get you ready...
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Thanks for helping us get to the fifth year of our favorite race! We're considering this the highlight reel of Breaks Interstate Park before we move a little west for Breakdown 2018. You'll be paddling the infamous Russel Fork (a tame section), hucking yourself off of a crazy overlook, and pounding BBQ with our friends in Haysi. Dark, fast, fun, good times. 
Each team/solo will receive one set of pre-plotted 1:24,000 scale maps, supplemental map(s), along with a race instruction booklet. Everything will be printed on waterproof paper. 
FOOD: We'll have local BBQ and beverages for you at the FINISH. They'll be extras for purchase for friends & family. 
ROPES: If you couldn't round up ropes gear (or are averse to heights), don't sweat it. There's a fair work-around. 
Pre Race Meeting (Friday) - 7:00pm - Location Link: Breaks Interstate Park

Gear Staging (Friday) - 8:00pm – 9:30pm (after the Pre-Race Meeting)
  • BIKE GEAR: Location will be revealed after you receive your maps at the Pre Race Meeting. 
  • PERSONAL PADDLE GEAR: You'll bring your paddle gear with you to the Start.
  • ROPES GEAR: Stage this at the designated area at the Pre Race Meeting (Breaks Park Conference Room).

START/FINISH - Location Link: Haysi Pavillion
Roll Call — 9:45pm
Race START — 10:00 pm 
Race FINISH — 1:00 pm (Sat)

See the schedule above for times and locations. 

BIKES: You may stage any gear you’d like with your bikes, however, you may not leave any gear behind when leaving this transition area. For planning purposes, you'll be reaching your bikes within 2 hours after the race start.

PADDLE GEAR: Teams will be provided with canoes and single bladed canoe paddles. One boat for 2 & 3 person teams, and 2 boats for 4 person teams. The canoes do not have a center seat. Solo racers will be provided with a solo kayak and double bladed kayak paddle. Note that if you decide to use the provided paddles you must use the type provided with your boat (canoe or kayak).

If you're using your own PFDs/Paddles/Seats, bring these with you to the START. We'll transport them back to the FINISH after the race. 

ROPES GEAR: You'll stage this at the Pre Race Meeting location. For planning purposes, you'll be carrying your ropes gear on the final Trek Leg and the Bike back to the Finish.

WATER: You'll have access to potable water around halfway through the race and a few times thereafter. Otherwise, plan on treating, scrounging, or carrying the water you’ll need for the duration of the race. 

Everything you need to know is probably in this communication or at If you still have questions, feel free to email us.
Thanks again for Committing to Adventure, and we'll see you at the race!
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