It's getting close to race time! This communication will help get you ready...
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The course is set and you're in for a real adventure. The mountains and waters you'll be exploring are some of the best that Kentucky and Virginia have to offer. Rugged terrain, local characters, testing your limits - it's going to be awesome!
All activities will begin/end at: Breaks Interstate Park, VA.

Race Check-In — 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (maps distributed during check-in)
Gear Staging — Deadline will be 5:00 pm
Pre-Race Meeting — 7:00 pm
Race START — Shortly after the meeting.

Race FINISH — 5:00 pm
Post-Race Party — 7:00 pm

Each racer will receive a meal-ticket, good for one righteous buffet at Break's Rhododendron Restaurant. This will be available when you're finishing up on Tuesday from 8am to 9pm. The restaurant will also be open Friday during pre-race activities. 
The Unknown: If there's info in this Communication that you feel is missing - it's probably on purpose. We want to give you enough so you can show up prepared, but we feel a lot of the adventure is in the unknown.
The Vibe: If you haven't done one of our races before, you'll hopefully find it's refreshingly relaxed. We're not going to bog you down with endless rules, restrictions and a two-hour prerace meeting. Please help us keep it chill. 
Your Race: This is YOUR experience. We've designed it specifically for you to do your own thing. Have fun, see what you're capable of over the entire 4 days.
Each team will receive one set of pre-plotted 1:24,000 scale maps, various supplemental maps, along with a race instruction booklet upon check-in. Everything will be printed on waterproof paper. The need to plot UTM coordinates will be very limited.

For your dot-watching friends and family (and so we can watch you questionably bushwhack THAT one Leg), we're providing each team with a tracker. These have been used for Worlds and a bunch of other events, so they're about the most reliable in the business. 

When the Race is live, here are the Links to follow:
Tracking Link:
Low Bandwidth Link:

Additionally, we'll be utilizing Twitter as our main social media outlet for race updates. The Tracking interface will have an integrated Twitter feed for your fan's live commentary. Use either of these two tags and it should show up in the interface:

We'll post a few things on the Breakdown Facebook Page, but we'll try to not blow it up. 

We went back-and-forth on whether to provide a detailed overview prior to race-weekend. With so many first-time expeditioners joining the fun, we decided it'd be a big help. So, here you go.

This is the Course Overview for your 4 big days of racing: LINK

You'll see that it includes the exact LEGs, what order, the amenities available, and our estimated distances to "clear" each LEG. You'll also see that it does not include elevations, or time estimates (by design). It should give you plenty of insight to plan out your Gear, but you'll have to wait to get your maps to super-dial it in.

After you get your head around the Course Overview, you'll see the real decision is what location you'd like to see your BINs (and what to pack in them).

Revisit the GEAR & LOGISTICS page for the details and specifications of all Mandatory Gear, BINs, BUCKETs, Packrafting, etc.

BINs: To reiterate, Teams will be allowed one bin per person and will decide what bin(s) they’d like available at specific TAs. The bins are going to be “shared” among team members and will be split up between "Location A" and "Location B" - you decide what BINs you'd like at each location. We'll provide you with Labels.  

BUCKETS: These are ALL going to the same place; just decide what you'd like to put in them. 

START WITH: You'll see from the Course Overview that your Packraft Gear, Paddles, PFDs, and Ropes Gear (and of course your mandatory gear) is needed for the first LEG. Your Ropes Gear will be collected from you at the bottom of the rappel.

BIKES: These are being transported in a box-truck along with your bike shoes (not your helmet, it will be elsewhere). We’re allowing anything SECURELY attached to your bike to be transported: 1) don’t get crazy with it, 2) don't make us regret this decision. Imagine you're tasked with moving a bunch of bikes in a U-Haul; attach your shoes, bottles, food, etc. accordingly.

PADDLE BAG: Your COMPLETELY empty Paddle Bag will be staged and used by our Staff to move your paddle gear. You will not be carrying this Bag during the race. 

CENTER SEAT: The canoes do NOT have a center seat. If you're bringing one to use, we'll stage it. You will not be carrying your Center Seat during the race. 

END OF RACE: All your Gear will be returned to the Park Conference Center shortly after the FINISH.

CONFUSED: Don't sweat it. We'll have a handy PreRace Checklist for you to follow, and you'll have several hours prior to the 5PM Staging Deadline to make any changes. 

That's all. We hope you're as excited to race this sucker as we are to put it on! - The Crew at 361°.
Thanks again for Committing to Adventure, and we'll see you at the race!
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