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We’re mixing it up again with a new format for 2018!

We love the rolling hills of Brown County, Indiana. Tucked away in one of the area’s steep valleys is eXplore Brown County, a beautiful tract of land with several acres of forested ravines and trails perfectly suited for a winter rogaine.

This race is perfect for beginners (see information on the FREE navigation clinic below), but we’ve also got a format that will extend into the night (if you’d like) to keep veteran racers out punching CPs until their toes go numb.


What is a Rogaine?

A Rogaine is simply a race in which participants use a map and compass to locate checkpoints (CPs). The goal is to locate the most CPs in the allotted time. Sometimes CPs are assigned a point value according to their difficulty. Then the goal is to get the most points. There is no set course so you are free to choose any route you’d like.

If you’d like to give this type of race a try but aren’t so sure about the whole navigation thing, you’re not alone. We’re confident, however, that with just a little instruction you can be proficient enough to start enjoying not only rogaining, but other navigation based events – like ADVENTURE RACING ! If you’d like to learn how to navigate, then join us for the FREE Navigation clinic the morning before the race. We’ll be happy to show you what’s going on and answer any questions. See below for more details, or contact us if you have any questions about getting into this sport.

Race Facts

WHAT: A six hour Rogaine consisting of 3 unique Loops
LENGTH: 6 Hours
WHERE: eXplore Brown County, 2620 Valley Branch Road, Nashville, IN. Map
WHEN: January 6, 2018
WHO: Solos & teams




Free Navigation Clinic —  11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Check-In —  12:00 pm – 12:45 pm
Start —  1:00 pm. (Map 1 distributed right at the Start!)
Cutoff — 7:00 pm
Awards — 7:15 pm


FRIGID 2018:
To keep this race fresh, 2018 will be a mashup of orienteering formats. We think the cool kids call it a Regaine? Or is it a clover leaf? Maybe a QuadTrek, but with three Legs, making it a TriTrek? Who knows, but it’ll be fun.

Here’s how it will work.  We’ll have 3 total Loops/Maps for this race, each with unique checkpoints pre-plotted on each map. We’ll give you Map 1 at the Start (1PM) and you take off. In order for you to receive Map 2 you must return to base camp (eXplore Brown County), and turn in Map 1. Same for receiving Map 3. You can spend as much time as you’d like on each Loop, but you must return to base camp by 7PM, and you must return to base camp between each Loop. Once you’re done with a Loop, you won’t be able to revisit it.

In order to strategize appropriately, we can tell you that each map will have 10 checkpoints, all worth 1 point each. We’ll also give you the rundown during the prerace on what to expect for each Loop.

Teams/solos will first be ranked by the number of TOTAL CPs punched then by time. Since there’s 3 Loops, you can see there is an element of strategy in this format.

Six Hours:
There is no time limit for each Loop, but there is a cutoff of 6 hours (7PM). Any team/solo arriving late will receive a 1 point penalty plus 1 point per each additional 5 minutes past 6 hours they arrive at the finish. For example: at 6 hours, 5 minutes the penalty is -2 points, at 6 hours, 10 minutes it’s -3 points.

Base Camp: The heated Harvest Hall at eXplore Brown County will serve as HQ. Nothing says winter like hot-coco…and Top Ramen®, and PB&J, so we’ll have that waiting on you between each Loop and at the Post Race to warm up.

Free Navigation Clinic

We are offering a FREE navigation clinic the morning before the race. This is a great opportunity for new(er) racers interested in the sport to learn the basics of navigation. We’re pretty confident you’ll be prepared to find some points come race time! If you’re interested, just check the box during race registration indicating that you’ll be joining us for the clinic. Don’t forget to wear your winter race gear as we’ll be venturing outside for part of the clinic as well.

Post Race

We want this to be a time where we can all get together with our friends that perhaps we haven’t seen over the winter. We have the (HEATED) Harvest Hall at our disposal, and we’ll be serving snacks and refreshments after the race along with awards.


eXplore Brown County is offering racers and their friends/families one of their 10 camping cabins, each with a unique theme. The cabins are grouped together and can accommodate up to 80 guests for a great time. Fire rings and picnic tables are provided outside of each cabin. There is a solar assisted public restroom with shower facilities and hopefully hot water (weather permitting). Water in cabins will be turned off this time of year, but the shower house has water year-round.

Cost is just $50 a cabin for four people, and $10/person for each additional guests four. Book online, or call eXplore, and just mention that you’re with the FRIGID RACE to make a reservation. 812.988.7750.

Extend the Fridge…

… by adding a cabin and a Sneak Peak Winter Wonderland Zip Tour. Buggy Tours, Paintball, sledding or ice skating available weather permitting – bring your own skates and sled! eXplore is offering a special 30% DISCOUNT, just mention the coupon “FRIGID” during booking (same number as lodging 812.988.7750), or you can simply book online.


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