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Get ready for another great year of the Unbridled Series!

The 2018 series continues an exciting collection of adventure races.

As part of the Unbridled Series, Division Winners (solo, co-ed, and open) will receive awards, and Top Overall Finishers will be awarded cash prizes!

For those new to the sport, plan on each race including some form of mountain biking, trekking/running, and paddling. As with all ARs, good navigation with a topographical map and compass will make all the difference in how well your race goes. All races are open to soloists and teams of 2, 3 or 4. Here’s a good FAQ that may be helpful to new-comers!


For additional info on each specific race in the series, see the links below…

LENGTH: 8 Hours

WHERE: Jenny Wiley State Park, Map

WHEN: May 5, 2018

LENGTH: 12 Hours

WHERE: Green River Lake State Park, Map

WHEN: August 4, 2018

LENGTH: 12 Hours

WHERE: Red River Gorge – Map

WHEN: November 3, 2018

Race Results




Series Scoring

You must compete in the SAME DIVISION (solo, co-ed, or open), under the EXACT SAME Team Name.

Top five division finishers in the series will receive some cool awards. Top five overall finishers in the series will share a cash purse of $1,000, divided as follows: $500 – 1st place solo or team; $250 – 2nd place solo or team; $120 – 3rd place solo or team; $80 – 4th place solo or team; $50 – 5th place solo or team.

We received quite a bit of feedback on how to make the scoring better for the Series. After consulting with Research Scientists across the world, here is a great solution!

The goal is to get the HIGHEST score at the end of the Series. Each race will be weighted both on length and the size of the field for each race. These correction factors will make it much more competitive and fair.


Here’s a few examples of how it’ll work for Race #1. It’s an 8HR race, and say we have 20 Teams competing.

  • Appalachian Bear Attack finishes in 1st place. Since the field size is 20 Teams, they receive the highest possible FIELD SIZE RANKING (20). (8) + (20) = 28
  • The NorthStar finishes in 6th place. Since the field size is 20 Teams, they receive the FIELD SIZE RANKING (14). (8) + (14) = 22
  • Topo Adventure Sports starts out too hard, blows up, and finishes last. They receive the lowest possible FIELD SIZE RANKING (1). (8) + (1) = 9

The same format will be used for Division rankings based on numbers of Teams for each Division. Since Race#2 and Race#3 are both 12HR races, those will be weighted as LENGTH (12). Final Scores for the Series will simply be a tally of all three races.

Finally, the Top 5 Overall Finishers will be removed from the Division Rankings at the end, so it’ll keep things more competitive for our mid-pack racers, and also prevent teams from ending up on the Podium for both rankings.

Good Luck!

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